INKAS Unveils a Bullet-Proof Modified Mercedes-Benz V-Class

After turning the G63 AMG into a bullet-proof limo, INKAS, the leading manufacturer of special purpose armored vehicles, has now unveiled a bullet-proof modified Mercedes-Benz V-Class.

A new paradigm amongst passenger minivans, the armored vehicle was designed to be used for transportation of VIP clients or long rides in hostile areas. Ensuring exceptional performance and a smooth driving experience, INKAS Armored Mercedes-Benz V-Class which seats eight including the driver is outfitted with OEM-sized bulletproof glass and significant engineering reinforcements to the sliding door mechanisms and structure.

The innovative lightweight armor providing protection to the CEN BR6 armoring level provides the vehicle with the ability to withstand the explosion of two hand grenades detonated simultaneously below the minivan floor. Added armoring to the entire perimeter, ceiling, and floor, as well as integrated its own proprietary overlap system to protect door seams helps provide a state-of-the-art protection solution. Finally, the minivan has been outfitted with upgraded brakes and suspension, runflat tires and a P/A system with a strobe lighting system.

Check out the Armored Mercedes-Benz V-Class above and head over to INKAS’ website to learn more about the vehicle.

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