Innova Hycross comes home: Brings 1st ownership issue after just 500 km

I bought a Toyota for peace of mind. But unfortunately, that has not been the case for me.

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I have taken delivery of the new Innova hycross on June 18th in Sparkling Black pearl crystal shine. This colour also does not look black in a few angles.


The delivery experience was smooth except for the insurance. The showroom insisted on its own insurance. The sales team mentioned battery is not covered under comprehensive insurance if I take it outside. So Toyota’s sales team also lies. I did not expect this from Toyota. Come on. If they had told me the truth and said we wanted to make more money, I would have been happier.

Anyway to avoid unnecessary stress, I accepted it and went ahead with the delivery.

Hello to the first ownership issue

The drive was smooth for the first 500 km. But then trouble struck. Out of nowhere the NVH and engine vibrations became excessive. In addition, there was khat-khat sound coming continuously while driving from the front right.

Immediately took it to a showroom the following day. It was a Sunday. The technicians opened it and diagnosed it to be an issue in the front right suspension or engine mount. Since their head technicians were not available and could not do more work without their boss’s approval, they asked me to take the vehicle back and get back the following day.

The following day, they replaced the hydraulic engine mounts with parts from one of their test-drive vehicles and the noise stopped. Now they confirmed the source of the issue. Since the part was not available, ordered the part which would take a few days to arrive. I did not want to leave the new vehicle in the showroom for 5 days. More over wedding in my family meant I needed a vehicle badly.

So they put the defective part back and assured me there would not be any future issues even if I drove a few 100 kms.

As of now, I am waiting for the part to arrive to get it replaced.

I bought a Toyota for peace of mind. But unfortunately, that has not been the case for me. Apparently, this is the first such instance that they have seen across their Hyderabad showrooms and I seem to be the chosen one!

Hopefully, this is the first and last such instance.

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