Inverted launches Range Rover Classic EV restomod

Take one old Range Rover, one low mileage Tesla battery and – voila – electric restomod heaven

By Matt Bird / Thursday, 27 April 2023 / Loading comments

If there remains some discussion and debate around the electrification of ICE classics, there’s probably some common ground to be found on restomod appreciation. Bringing the best of the old school up to modern standards of performance and usability – while retaining the style and the sense of the occasion – has proved hugely popular in recent times. So let’s begin with that part of the Inverted EV Range Rover Classic…

Two door Range Rovers looks brilliant, don’t they? Especially green ones. Such a shame the two-door SV remake never happened. Inverted will overhaul any Classic you so desire (and can source), including the four-door and LSE. But seeing this one, the very first build, it’s easy to imagine subsequent customers taking inspiration from this spec. The exterior colour hasn’t been stated (your time to shine, PH), Inverted only adding that the exterior has been ‘returned to its former glory, retaining and enhancing the classic styling that car is known for’. The interior is just as good, upholstered in Mocha leather from Muirhead and contrast Harris Tweed – the perfect style combo, with with ‘world’s lowest carbon leather’ kudos as well. Obviously buyers can have whichever interior trim they’d like but, once more, this surely won’t be the only outing for Mocha with Harris Tweed. The interior also benefits from more soundproofing, air-con, USB charging, a reverse camera, and an upgraded stereo with smartphone pairing.

Helping the Classic handle the additional power it now has (more in a sec, promise), the Inverted build gets uprated axles and Alcon brakes; #001 has also been fitted with optional road handling pack, which brings with it adjustable dampers and anti-roll bars as well as stiffer springs. Given the performance on offer, that will surely be money very well spent.

Because this is a 456hp (450bhp) Range Rover, so it’s going to need some containing. Power comes from reconditioned Tesla gubbins, specifically an 80kWh battery and Large Drive Unit. With 442lb ft as well, Inverted claims a 0-60 time of around five seconds, so this is going to be a drastically different Classic experience in every sense. Overall power as well as brake regen is adjusted by three drive modes: Eco, Sport and Off-Road. Inverted reckons on getting 200 miles from a full tank, and it can accept 100kW of charge. Nothing exceptional in 2023 for an EV, but it’s hardly like this is going to be slogging up and down motorways all week – those figures are more than enough to be getting on with.

Harry Millington, Founder and Director of Inverted, said: “Each car is lovingly restored and tailored to the individual customer’s specification. With no road tax, congestion or ULEZ charges and zero emissions, our electrified Range Rover Classic offers effortless, comfortable and reliable motoring in town or country. I believe we have created the ultimate, luxury forever-classic icon.”

Price? By their nature, restomods are labours of love, and therefore the asking prices tend to reflect the hours put in. Same here: Inverted suggests a starting price of £225,000 plus VAT, for a four-door model that they will source and with a similar reimagination to that seen here. Inverted quotes 12-18 months for each build. Order one now, then, and it might be ready for when the new electric Range Rover arrives – that’ll be a fun twin test…

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