Jeep announces its electrification plans for 2025

Jeep aims to have 70 per cent of its product line-up electrified by 2025.

Jeep announced its electrification plans at the recently concluded ‘Stellantis EV Day 2021’ event. The American brand plans to introduce an electric version of each of its SUV offerings by 2025.

The new fully electric versions of the SUVs will be sold alongside their plug-in hybrid options, many of which are already available in the USA and European markets.

Jeep stated that it aims to have 70 per cent of its sales electrified by 2025. The future electric products from the American brand will use the recently introduced ‘STLA’ platform by Stellantis. This is also the same platform that will be used by Dodge to introduce the ‘world’s first electric muscle car’ in 2024.

The American brand is also looking to introduce a number of technologies. These include solar-charging capabilities, car-to-car charging, biometric recognition and even pair a drone system to its EVs.

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