Just in Time for Spring, It’s the Latest Box and Issue from R&T Crew

R&T Crew, the kids club by Road & Track, has got fun down to a science with the drop of the latest bi-monthly subscription box and magazine. This Mad Scientist-themed box is packed with scientifically driven stories and innovative activities geared to spark their creativity.

Sign up today, and your little one will receive a themed box stuffed with custom wearables, activities, and the latest issue of R&T Crew magazine every other month. The magazine (think: Road & Track for kids) includes 24 auto-inspired pages of fun features, educational stories, and quizzes designed to keep them entertained.

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Discover what’s inside “The Mad Scientist” box and magazine that’s currently shipping:

Check out the Cool Job Alerts from automotive experts, stories from our friends at Hot Wheels, engaging puzzles, quizzes, and fun games. Plus, this issue features an easy-to-do DIY project using items you probably have lying around your house.

Shield their eyes from hours on the screen with UV protected glasses paired with a car-shaped case.

Now they can sip like a scientist with a beaker-shaped water bottle.

With this Hot Ice Crystals kit, they can experiment with simple science that is safe and fun!

Here’s a color-in poster, with a fun twist on the the periodic table, illustrated by our Crew designers.

Plus get Mad Scientist stickers, R&T Crew trading cards (a new set arrives in every box), and a Hot Wheels collectible car!

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Want more even more Crew? We’ve got you covered. The R&T Crew Shop is a great way to get custom gear from previous collections that you may have missed. Shop our signature R&T Crew line of wearables and activities and unlock special discounts at checkout.

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