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As far as special series number plates go, this surely has to be the tastiest. The Kedah road transport department (JPJ) has announced that tenders for numbers in the upcoming KFC plate series will open on February 13 and will run for five days until February 17, with the results of successful bids being announced on February 18.

All bids will have to be made via the JPJeBid online vehicle number plate bidding system, which has been in place since 2019. The procedure for registration and the bidding process remains as it was when the system was introduced.

As for pricing, each vehicle number requires a minimum payment, and there are four general categories, starting from regular (or running) numbers, where the minimum bid begins at RM300. Next, there are popular (double-digit, certain triple-digit) numbers, for which bids begin from RM800. Interesting (matching digits) numbers start from RM3,000, while RM20,000 is the starting price for bids involving primary value (single-digit numbers) numbers.

If having KFC sounds like an absolute treat, it is, so don’t be chicken about getting that plate, because you’ll always have guaranteed finger lickin’ goodness with you, wherever you go.

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