Malaysia driving license can be renewed up to 10 years validity – up from current 5 years limit, buy 9 free 1 –

Minister of Transport Anthony Loke announced today that JPJ would be allowing the renewal of driving licenses up to 10 years, which is double the length of the current maximum permitted 5 years of renewal.

In addition to that, if you renew for 10 years, you will only need to pay for 9 years renewal, which is basically a buy 9 free 1 offer, or 10% discount. The renewal fee is RM30 a year, so a 10 year renewal will cost RM270.

You can only renew your license if your remaining license validity is less than a year, so if you’ve renewed your license recently, you will have to wait until you are less than a year to the new expiry date before you can renew your license against to the new maximum of 10 years validity.

This initiative only applies to Malaysian citizens, and does not apply to foreigners holding Malaysian driving licenses.

Loke also announced an initiative for Malaysians whose driving licenses expired from January 1 2018 onwards and not renewed after 3 years thus are now unable to be renewed without retaking the driving exam.

These licenses can now be renewed without retaking the driving test. This is to accommodate Malaysians who did not manage to renew their license during the Covid19 MCO. This allowance is temporary and will expire on December 31 2023.

You may watch the press conference video below to hear the details directly from YB Loke’s mouth.

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