Malaysia-Singapore VTL reopened – land and air vaccinated travel lane, ticket sales quota halved –

The Malaysia-Singapore vaccinated travel lane (VTL), which was suspended on December 23, has been reopened effective today, the health ministry (KKM) announced. This applies to both land and air VTL.

KKM says that following risk assessment based on the current Covid-19 situation in both countries, sales of flight and bus tickets are now open. However, for now, the quota for tickets sold from today (January 21) will be reduced by 50%, or half of the capacity of the bus and flight.

VTL travellers who have already bought tickets for travel after January 20 before the suspension announcement (December 23) are allowed to proceed with the journey according to the old quota. KKM says that the timeline regarding the increase in ticket sales quota will be subject to risk assessment that will be carried out from time to time based on the Covid-19 situation in both countries.

The SOP is that VTL travellers will have to take three self RTK-Ag quick tests, on the second, fourth and sixth day upon arrival in Malaysia. Professionally conducted RTK-Ag quick tests will have to be done on days three and five upon arrival. In total, one has to take five quick tests – three on your own and two at a facility.

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