Maruti builds affordable eco-homes for employees

Maruti Suzuki Enclave is a township of affordable eco-friendly homes.

Maruti Suzuki has completed a housing township of affordable eco-friendly homes for its employees. The township, called the Maruti Suzuki Enclave, is located at Dharuhera.

Keys to the first batch of houses have been handed over to the employees and the remaining apartments out of the 360 flats are expected to be ready for possession in a staggered manner.

This is the third such housing project which the company has undertaken. In 1989, the company had built a township at Chakkarpur, Gurugram. The second project was built in 1994 at Bhondsi, Gurugram.

The township has well-maintained gardens, LED street lights, rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment plant (STP), water treatment plant and electrical sub-station, among others. The apartments are built using modern Monolithic Construction Technology, wherein the whole structure along with the slab is casted in a single go avoiding the use of bricks. This technique reduces pollution and time drastically. Provided with security, homes will have access to utility services such as housekeeping, electrician and plumber, among others.

The houses in this township will be owned and managed by the employees themselves. The company has facilitated employees by way of bulk negotiation for land and building, coordination with Haryana government for approvals and monitoring the quality and execution through a professional agency. The company has also supported the families financially and facilitated soft loans.

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