McLaren Senna chassis #000 for sale

There were only 500 Sennas anyway, and there won't be many more spectacular than this one… 

By Matt Bird / Friday, 10 June 2022 / Loading comments

Even for the most exclusive of supercars, there will always be a demand from certain customers to make their one even more special still. Be it a paint, or an upholstery or even a bespoke luggage set, anything to make a limited-run car unique. Why not, right? If spending hundreds of thousands already, there’s no harm in a little more to make it truly yours.  

There were only ever 500 McLaren Sennas, and each one cost three quarters of a million pounds. Despite that, there were cars out there with £130,000 spent on top of that just in personalisation bits; if the customer desired, paint jobs that would take another 250 hours could be added. Perhaps with experience of limited-run cars like the P1 and 675LT, McLaren was better prepared to anticipate the demand for bespoke bits. Or perhaps with a car that looked like the Senna, customers just wanted theirs to stand out that little bit more… 

This Senna really is one of a kind, however. And not just for the Atlantic Blue paint, either. Because this, incredibly, is chassis #000. It’s a production car, too; sometimes you see those chassis numbers on late validation prototypes or test cars, but this is a 2018 Senna like any other – only it’s number 000 of 500. The advert states that getting that chassis number is “almost never seen on publicly released production cars”, and is a special-order request that is presumably reserved for exceptional customers. It’s said that this Senna is part of a two-car collection, though the ad doesn’t provide any more info. Maybe you had to buy two of from McLaren for the special chassis number? 

Whatever the case, it looks an amazing example. Atlantic Blue is paired with MSO blue tinted carbon (which won’t have been the work of a moment) and the interior features black Alcantara with orange contrasting stitching. There’s said to be an MSO Schedoni five-piece embroidered luggage set with this Senna, too, which might be the most exciting optional extra of all. Should the next owner wish to add to the 1,300 miles already recorded, they’d be all set.  

What an experience any journey in a Senna promises to be, too. There have been more powerful McLarens produced, and more expensive ones as well, but the rawness of the Senna – it weighed just 1,300kg, don’t forget – really did set it apart. It wasn’t a race car for the road, because race cars don’t have 800hp (or MSO Schedoni luggage sets), but it was an utterly absorbing vehicle to be behind the wheel of on road or track. Especially if, as with this car, the lower door panels are in Gorilla glass, and you can drive along like the Senna is a roadgoing submarine. It’s an unforgettable car and experience, which is surely one of the most important attributes when spending what a Senna costs. 

That said, the status and spec of chassis #000 doesn’t mean a huge premium. It’s not possible to pay less than £600k yet, and there are even lower-mileage cars on offer for £800,000. So £650,000 for this one, with that special bit of McLaren provenance, seems sensibly priced. It’s certainly a lot less than will have been paid by that original owner, even if some way from regular track-toy money for most, and this Senna is always going to be chassis #000. Which, even with 499 other jaw-dropping Sennas out there, makes this one extra special. 

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