Mitsubishi might build a Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 competitor

The Mitsubishi Triton Absolute concept debuted at the China auto show earlier this year.

At this year’s China auto show, Mitsubishi showed off an off-road focused version of its Triton pickup. Dubbed the Triton Absolute, the lifted and protected pickup would be the perfect way for Mitsubishi to hit its stride by building something cool again. The only rub: it’s just a concept. Or, at least it was at the time.

The folks over at CarAdvice noticed some trademark filings that hint at a production run for the Triton Absolute. With the concept’s list of modifications reading similar to a Chevrolet Colorado ZR2, the Triton Absolute should be more than proficient on the trails. The concept sported nearly a 2-inch lift, skid plates front and rear and a roof-mounted LED bar. The base Triton features a 2.4-liter inline-four oil burner, so it might not have the high-speed prowess of a Ford F-150 Raptor but the 317 lb-ft of torque should help you in the mud.

With the Lancer Evo out of production and with off-road-ready pickups flying out of showrooms, it would make sense for Mitsu to take a risk with a rig like this. Of course, like the Ranger Raptor, there’s a major problem for us in the ‘States: it’s probably not coming. Considering Mitsubishi doesn’t offer the Triton in the U.S., it’s extremely doubtful that a modified version of that truck will.

If this truck does see the road (and the dirt), it will probably run around Australia. Though, that might be the perfect way to whet American’s appetites for an off-roading Mitsubishi.

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