Mob trash, overturn Myvi in Johor after collision with red light-jumping food delivery rider – 9 arrested so far –

Last Thursday (November 3), a Myvi collided with a food delivery rider at the Jalan Kota Masai 2 cross junction in Johor. It was claimed that the car ran the red lights and the rider suffered from a broken leg. This was according to an ‘eyewitness’ who only wanted to be known as Akmal.

He told Kosmo that the Myvi driver tried to escape but as the road was blocked, he entered a Petronas station. Then, he was surrounded by a crowd. Shortly after, the police came and ushered the driver to safety. When he was in the patrol car, the driver provoked the crowd, which led to a mob of youngsters trashing the Myvi and then overturning it.

The cops have now took action against the mob. According to Seri Alam district police, they have now arrested nine people aged 16 to 41. All nine have been remanded for further investigations.

On November 4, district police chief Mohd Sohaimi Ishak issued a statement to say that officers have arrested three suspects the morning after the incident for rioting (merusuh). The three local males aged 17 to 24 will be investigated under Section 148/427 of the penal code and if found guilty, can be jailed for up to five years, given a fine, or both. They will also be investigated under Section 43(1) of the 1987 Road Transport Act.

Mohd Sohaimi advised the public to not take matters into their own hands and leave it to the police to do their jobs according to the law.

Kudos to the cops for taking swift action. It’s unfortunate that as a car driver, whenever you get into an incident with a motorcyclist, you are immediately presumed guilty by all other bikers, which leads to incidents like this. A mob mentality takes over and you’ll be lucky to emerge from it unscathed. Ready for a plot twist? The Myvi didn’t run the red lights; it was the delivery rider who did so – see the dashcam footage below. We wish the rider speedy recovery from his injuries.

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