My 2021 Mahindra XUV500 achieves the 11,000 km figure on the odo

The air conditioning system of the SUV has been performing quite well in the brutal Delhi summer.

BHPian shady_lawyer recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The ODO now stands at 11000 KMS. In the city, mileage has settled down to 12.14 km/l.

We’re hungry, feed us.

Now that we’ve fed you, what do I eat? I’m kangal.

A for Aragorn, C for Cat, C for Chicken, D for Diesel, F for feed them both, K for Kangaal (Broke)

Sometime during the start of March, the ODO hit 10k

Hit 11k last week

Went to Deeg over the long weekend, a quick day trip. Couldn’t visit the fort since construction work was going on. I’d say that combine this with Bharatpur so that you can do a nice 3-day trip.

Went via the Yamuna Expressway, engaged cruise control throughout except near toll plazas. Came back via Palwal, Faridabad – excellent B Class Roads (MDRs) and only one toll that also can be skipped if you know how to you (FBD entry side). Will try the Alwar route the next time.

Other updates

  • No DEF issues till now, thankfully. I guess open runs on the highway are helping.
  • The AC is coping with the brutal Delhi summers quite admirably, however, on auto mode, it tends to run at speed 5+ which is super noisy.
  • Two rattles have cropped up, one from the driver’s door, the other from the tailgate area. I will fix them both on my own, since asking M&M to fix rattles is self-flagellation.
  • The speakers are super disappointing, boomy at lower volumes and crackles at higher volumes. I’ll change only the speakers whenever I gather Vitamin M.

Until next time.

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