My 2021 Toyota Innova Crysta AT facing multiple issues: Need Advice

I realized that even my cruise control was not working and even after reading the manual many times I could not get it to work.

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I have a Crysta GX Automatic 2021 June manufactured model and I just wanted to check if anyone else is facing the issues I am.

While driving at a speed above 45 km/h while breaking screeching noise keeps coming and when I complained in the first service they said they did not find any issue.

Later I realized that even my cruise control was not working and even after reading the manual many times I could not get it to work.

For my 10k service, I went to the Nandi Toyota Banaswadi and when I told them my issues they told me this was due to some ants in the junction box and once they are cleared the issue should be sorted out and then they informed me that they are taking some data and sending it to TKM as the problem is not sorted out. After one week I requested them to give me the vehicle as I had to travel at the weekend I returned the vehicle and it is nearly a month and the vehicle is still with them.

They kept on saying they are taking lots of data and sending it to TKM and finally after three weeks the TKM guys came and took the data and some parts and disappeared.

I tried the grievances section on the Toyota website and it says bad request and kicks me out. I mailed them but did not get any response.

I could not wait longer so I mailed them again and called them up finally they woke up and responded but still, they are not promising a delivery date.

Is it wrong with my expectations or Toyota quality has gone down?

When the car was delivered to me I had to get the driver door beading fixed during the security plate fixing I think they just did not do proper QA or PDI.

I found the paint quality really poor it was getting scratched even when I put a decent car cover. Only when I got the dealer to apply paint protect the scratching stopped.

I am happy with the way the SA guys and service centre experience but after this incident, I feel both the dealer and TKM are just incompetent.

They are not able to give a root cause or a timeline for resolution.

When I try to press them hard they say this is the first time they are seeing this kind of issue. Now they are saying they are going to get the same model car and keep replacing the parts from that car and figure try to fix the issue.

If anyone else is facing a similar issue please advise so that I can put pressure on the service guys.

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