My Ford Aspire TDCI at 42700 km: Did 6th service & got a 4th remap done

I was happy with the current map although it has been around 4 years now since the last map update was done.

BHPian tharian recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Car has run 42,700 kms. Got the 6th year service done and a Wolf Moto map update done as well.

I had been giving the car for annual service to a certain Ford service centre since 2020 due to proximity after the my earlier one closed few years ago. The first service was good since they had just opened the centre at Hennur. The last two ones were just oil change and I didn’t feel like giving it there again for some reason. I was looking at non Ford places and had zeroed in on Engineering Exponants, but the distance was a problem and obviously there is no pick up/drop available.

Thankfully a fellow member and Aspire owner suggested another service centre at Lalbagh and it turned our to be a good experience. The oil was changed with semi synthetic oil since they don’t allow customer provided oil. I was fine with that since the service intervals for me comes upto only 5-6k kms every year. I added the usual oil additive as well (Abro oil treatment).

The reverse camera hasn’t been working for a while and that needs replacement which isn’t available with them. So I decided to put the original IRVM back since that has the flip for anti-glare.

Headlamp levelling was not right and that was fixed as well except that now the dim is at the level of bright and bright is good for heavy vehicles. Works okay since I don’t do much night driving.

4th remap:

I got news from a fellow member that there is an update available for my existing map at EE. I was happy with the current map although it has been around 4 years now since the last map update was done. I checked with EE and the drive-ability of the new map was same except that it had more power. On the drive back home, I could easily make out the difference and the engine is much eager now. With the fresh oil, the engine NVH is good too and it felt it got better with the updated map. The engine felt kind of restricted too unless I accelerate more and then it moves. This I guess is because of the fresh oil. I will need to do a long drive to feel the updates. The numbers are 134/294 from 125/250 at the crank.

After I get the tyres replaced since they are almost end of life, the car is then good to go for another 4-5 years.

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