My Maruti XL6 Alpha AT: Ownership update after 2000 km

The best fuel efficiency figure I’ve managed to achieve to date is 11.35 km/l.

BHPian achintatri recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

First things first, the average: Got 11.35 km/l best till now (420 km in 37-litres of refuelling twice) and the average was consistent in those 2 refuels.

The majority of the drive was on the highway though.

Average is a concern as of now for sure but has decided to wait till the second 5000 km service.

Ride Quality: Drives like a charm, however, don’t ever try to negotiate a bump or undulated surface at high speed otherwise the passengers especially the third-row ones will go for a TOSS. BTW, even 15 km/h is high for this particular point. Be vary especially on undulations (sudden elevation drop on ghat sections) and better to slow down when you spot one.

A performance especially over ghats and full load: This car doesn’t like being driven in lower gears and that’s where the paddle shifters help. However they work best till 3rd gear only, the moment you pull the minus one from 3rd to 2nd gear, the RPM shoots up to 5000 which doesn’t get converted to instant power transfer to the wheels. The transition from 6>5>4>3 is very smooth both in auto as well as manual mode.

However, on the ghats section, the paddle shifters helped a lot. I would not say that it defeats the purpose of being automatic since it is still better to operate as compared to the manual mode of AMTs or some other DCTs and TCs without paddle shifters. So, in case you need to overtake and drive a little faster whenever it is required, paddle shifters (for a certain rpm range as mentioned above) would help you a lot.

Gearbox: No jerks at any rpm, at any speed, at any gear, flawless for its operations, touchwood.

Music System: Android Auto Sucks for the connectivity, never could get a call answered or dialled. Period.

Tires: So far one puncture only but even with Windows down, surprisingly the noise is not prominent and the tire performance is nothing to complain about.

Suzuki Connect: Hasn’t been installed/registered yet and not getting any response from the dealership (Mahalaxmi Nexa, Magarpatta Road, Pune) as well as NEXA customer Care for the same so have decided to wait till 2 months of ownership are over by June 28 and would then start a legal front.

Camera: Works well in all conditions, no complaints till now.

Further Update on accessories

Apart from the chrome accessories purchased on the delivery date and TPMS and 7th seat, I also got the automatic curtains installed. The link is here.

I use them only for shade when my kids need them while napping.

So apart from the average for which Maruti is known (or till now was known) and the performance of the second gear (while gearing down to overtake), I really do not have many complaints about the vehicle.

Have made a few great highway trips and the family has enjoyed the drives.

Purchase Decision Analysis

I paid a total of Rs 10,31,000 for my new XL6 Alpha AT including all the accessories mentioned till now and after the exchange of the old car and I found it the most VFM transaction considering I had paid Rs 10,20,000 in Oct 2016 when I had purchased my old car (Swift Dzire ZDI AMT) without any exchange then.

Happy Driving Guys, Stay Connected.

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