My Safari completes 1300km: Few issues, niggles & a couple of positives

Coming from an i20 petrol, I took a while to adjust to the size of the SUV.

BHPian IAmGroot recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got the first servicing done for my XZA+ Adv. There were issues with boot door locking and front right suspension that were resolved.

In addition, the topped-up DEF and software of the entertainment screen were updated to 18.50.

One issue remains, every time I crank up my vehicle, I get a fault in the IRA app, “Malfunction suspected in a particular item in your car. Please contact nearest Tata Service centre”. The service advisor said it was an issue with the IRA app rather than the car. Is anyone getting this error?

With the advent of gadgets and gizmos, I think we will always have some glitch in the system and we have to live with it. Kind of Minimum Equipment List concept in aviation.

Also, got clarification on the 3rd row AC operation. Even if AC and blower are set to off from the central console, the AC vents will still operate in blower mode unless turned off with their own knob on the RH side 3rd-row seat.

I also was facing an issue with Android Auto. It won’t connect in wireless mode. Mostly my phone (Samsung A70) might not be compatible. The service advisor was able to connect wirelessly using his Apple phone. I need to try someone else’s Android phone to troubleshoot further.

To balance out complaints with some positives, the car rides very well, based on my 1300 km so far. Mostly did highway runs with occasional city use. Took time to adjust to the size of the vehicle and needed some change of habits. I come from i20 petrol, an agile car with very good response. Safari compared to i20 is not very quick with the blocks. Of course, sports mode is truly agile. On my highway run, for a quick overtake I used to shift to M mode. Somehow I found moving to M more intuitive than pressing the sports mode button on the centre console.

Then comes braking, Safari is a locomotive. Be cautious to not tailgate, the travel for the brake pedal is longer, that fraction of a second you feel you are not in control. Got used to it.

Here’s what BHPian abacusv had to say on the matter:

I had the front right suspension issue since my first service. It did not get rectified through their adjustment. I got it replaced after 2nd service. Looks like some manufacturing defect is still lurking around. Mine is a year old and sad to see that newer ones continue to come with the same issue.

Also on Harman Entertainment. Mine have connectivity issues on and off, I use iPhone and Android Connect too but same issue I face once in a while. It’s very buggy, the version is 18.11 and you have the latest. Still facing issues is surprising. Again talks about the quality of software from the vendor.

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