My Tata Safari AT Dark Edition: Key observations at 9 months & 13500kms

Best fuel efficiency I could achieve as per MID was 19kmpl on my recent Goa trip, where 90kmph was maintained consistently.

BHPian negi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I had been busy for a while at office and personal front. So, here are updates since my last post:


My daily office commute is now 60km a day(3-4 days a week). However, commute time remains same or even less sometimes as I am able to maintain higher average speed during the commute. This has resulted in two things:

Enhanced driving pleasure as I do not have to face frequent slow traffic on new route.

Mileage has increased by around 2.5-3kmpl.

Note: Best mileage I could achieve as per MID was 19kmpl on my recent Goa trip, where 90kmph was maintained consistently. This is improvement on my earlier best of 17.5kmpl where I used to keep beast around 80kmph.


No new issues since my last post except for the slight rubber beading pop out that happened recently on passenger door. Have used 3m double sided tape to hold it for now. Brought this up with my SC manager and he assured to fix it in upcoming 3rd service.

DEF: DEF symbol turned amber recently with its level shown at 25% in MID screen. It also gives single beep and DEF refuel message on MID as every engine start. Went to Tata SC at Narhe which is on my daily office commute route. Two 5 litre DEF were consumed and DEF level now shows almost full. Total cost ~1250/-

Driveability & Ride Quality:

Beast continues to increase my confidence and trust with every passing long drive. Family is loving it. Did two trips to Goa and Aurangabad along with frequent short trips to places nearby Pune. No issues so far. I haven’t face the left pull till now as reported by many owners. So, will also ensure that they don’t touch alignment in 3rd service.


With recent Cool Walk Android update on my phone, infotainment is more stable and new UI with split screens for navigation, other apps gives much better user experience. Infotainment restarts with android auto session are also very rare now. One thing I noted is that restarts with android auto session normally occurs when screen is in sunlight for longer duration. May be to protect overheating the restarts is triggered by system. I now normally use micro-fibre cloth to cover the screen from direct sunlight and restarts are very rare now.


Well, this has never been an issue with my Hyundai silver accent. A jopasu duster and waterless rinse(with waterless wax once in month) has kept it shining till date. I expected that black would take little more effort to maintain, but it has beaten my expectations. Monthly trip to detailing centre for wax coating looks the only way to keep it shining and keep cleaning marks minimal.

I have observed that PPF parts on beast are better maintained than non-PPF parts. So thought about going for full body PPF recently. PPF on bonnet has already sacrificed itself at one place to protect bonnet from a stone chip thrown over by truck going ahead on highway. Going by its loud sound impact, I was expecting worst. However damage was limited to PPF sheet. Even with this experience, the full body PPF pricing is not convincing the brain. So, still in dilemma over same. Will share my experience, if decide to go for full PPF. Meanwhile battle is still on between heart and brain.

Third service is due now. Will share the updates about the same once done.

Till then,

Keep Revving!!

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