My terrible experience while purchasing the TVS iQube S

The ride experience of the iQube S is very similar to my old Jupiter.

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Had a terrible experience with a TVS showroom. Pre-booked the iQube S online on 8th November 2022, and got a call from Supreme Motors on 31st December 2022 to pay the remaining amount as they were going to receive a fresh batch of scooters in the coming weeks. Was told that advance payment is needed as they need to claim the FAME-II subsidy and assured that the scooter will be delivered by 20th January 2023. Made the full payment on 1st January 2023 on their online portal and contacted the TVS showroom, they mentioned that since I live in Thane their Thane branch will handle the delivery process. Called TVS in Thane to get more info and they mentioned that they don’t have any info regarding the delivery timeline and asked me to contact the Ulhasnagar showroom.

Called the TVS iQube toll-free to lodge a complaint to which they replied that you have to wait 120 days even if I’ve made the entire payment, called them multiple times and got the same reply every time, they were not even ready to listen about anything else, and guess what? they don’t have a feedback system in place for toll-free interactions. Mailed them on 17th February 2023, and got a reply on 21st:

Where is the ticket number/id? I was surprised with the way things were being handled from their end. After no contact/follow-up from their side, I called them again on 10th March 2023 and again explained the situation, got the same reply:

Got a call from their Regional Manager on 11th March, and explained the issue to him. He mentioned that there are some supply chain issues with the Mint Blue variant and asked if I was fine with the Grey variant to which I agreed. After no communication for a week again called the Regional Manager for info regarding the delivery timeline, he mentioned that someone from Supreme Motors will contact me to collect the required documents. Again, after no communication for a week called him to get some answers, and he mentioned that the Navi Mumbai showroom has a Mint Blue iQube available and that he’ll transfer the order from Supreme Motors to Litra Motors:

After the transfer it has been a smooth ride, the new dealership actively followed up on the documents and got the vehicle registered within 3-4 days. Finally took the delivery today from TVS Litra Motors, the showroom was around 20 km from my home:

Took some time to get used to the automatic regen kicking in once the throttle was released, the front brake has a decent bite and the ride experience was very similar to my old Jupiter.

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