My XUV700 goes for its 1st service: Suspension niggles & mileage update

I got an average fuel efficiency of 16 km/l with the tank-to-tank method.

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1st update for my XUV700 MX Diesel.

Have completed 1200 km in 20 days. The car went for the first service last week. So far the experience driving this car has been very good. The car is indeed a looker and catches attention wherever it goes. But, Midnight Black is a maintenance-heavy colour. I had to spend one complete Sunday morning applying Turtle Wax Graphene infused Max Wax. The results were remarkable with high gloss and slickness. Cleaning off dust has become much simpler after the application. I also got 3M PPF fixed on door sills, door edges and door handles which cost Rs 2800.

Fuel Efficiency

FE has improved over time. I got an average fuel efficiency of 16 km/l with the tank-to-tank method. I am a sedate driver and I always drive with AC on 100% time (in Econ mode). As of now, I am getting 17-17.5 km/l on the Ecosense app, consistently. I will be extremely satisfied if I continue to get this FE.

Service Experience

Now, coming to the service experience. I got my car serviced at Sahyadri Motors, Wakad. I had fixed an appointment using the Mahindra app, however, I did not receive any confirmation call from the service centre, this is the complete opposite to my experience with MS wherein the service centre always used to call in to confirm the appointment.

I had highlighted a small niggle in my previous post:

One minor niggle observed so far is feeble noise from the left rear brake every time brakes are engaged at slow speed. Will get this checked out at the service centre shortly.

My observation has been that the suspension almost always makes a hollow sound when passing over uneven surfaces at speeds of 20-25 km/h or braking at slow speeds. While this is not irritating and noticeable only on roads with very minimal traffic I wanted to get it checked during the first service. The SA shared that the sound is due to the short travel of the suspension and that they will try to fix it by tightening the setup. However, I feel that the issue is not resolved even after the service. On the contrary, the noise has increased a bit. I have informed the SA about this and will currently hold for some more time to see if the problem persists before visiting the service centre. So, maybe M&M is aware of the issue and the likely cause but does not have a solution to fix this problem currently. Hopefully, we should soon get a fix for this. As of now, the best solution is to switch on the music, enjoy the ride and ignore the mild thuds.

Another important point to share is that the gearbox has smoothened a bit after the first service with occasional roughness while slotting to first gear.

Here’s what BHPian Abhikumar629 had to say on the matter:

This is a known issue and even Mahindra is aware of the same. 1st they do not have a proper solution for it yet, 2nd they do not want to take the cost of the recall. Even I am facing this issue and trust me there is nothing that the service folks can do about it. Write an email to Mahindra and document the issue.

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