New C63 S E-Performance prices confirmed…

… in Germany, at least. But it's looking like more money than an M3

By Matt Bird / Thursday, 1 June 2023 / Loading comments

For all sorts of reasons – each already hotly contested following the international launch – the arrival of the latest Mercedes-AMG C63 S E-Performance is a huge deal. Across two prior generations, the model has built up quite a reputation for itself, winning a lot of fans in the process. Which is why the latest car has been so rigorously scrutinised, from the way it looks to the way it goes, how it sounds to how it handles. People are invested in C63s, they care about them, and so the third one was always going to get a grilling.

Now there’s another facet of the 2.0-litre car to consider: its price. Well, its German price at least, with an RRP in GBP likely to follow soon. Buyers in AMG’s homeland will be asked to part with €114,887.96 (£98,713.88) for the saloon, or €116,672.96 (£100,247.59) for the equivalent estate. Given initial estimates put the four-door at £90,000, these official figures aren’t too far out, even if they still represent an extraordinary amount of money. For that outlay, buyers will get 680hp courtesy of the A45’s turbo four-cylinder and an Electric Drive Unit on the rear axle, 4Matic+ variable all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, eight AMG drive modes and 20-inch wheels. Among many, many other things – as is the new Mercedes tradition, C63 buyers aren’t going to want for gadgets.

That said, there are options aplenty as well, from AMG Real Performance Sound (€654.50) to the AMG Performance High-End Seat Package (€5,521.60), plus a host of carbon fibre goodies, Night Packages and aero add-ons. It seems unlikely that many, if any, C63s will reach customers without a few extras, especially with an ‘F1 Edition’ package on offer also. Costing €17,612 (£15,138) and only available for the first year of production, it ‘combines numerous individual options with an exclusive look that is inspired by motorsport’. That means alpine grey solid paint, AMG logos, red trim lines, wheels like the old F1 medical car and a feast of black and red for the interior, as well as all the aero and night packages listed above.

So a C63 could get really expensive. But it’s not a million miles away from the obvious opposition, so we’d expect similar when the UK prices are confirmed. In Germany, an M3 Competition xDrive is €100,300, or £86,211. Which is less money, yes, though AMG will no doubt point to the additional 170hp C63 buyers will get, in addition to the new hybrid tech. As for wagons, the M3 Touring is just a thousand euros more expensive over there (€101,300), or €15k less than the AMG. Which is quite a big gap however you pay for a car, and some challenge ahead for the C63 – you might have heard the M3 Touring is quite good. Expect UK specifications in the near future, and a first drive verdict ASAP after that.

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