Nissan Restoration Program Will Restore Your Skyline GT-R to Factory Condition

Ever driven your 30-year-old classic and thought “I wish this felt like a brand new car?” Well, Nissan is bringing that dream to reality with the Skyline Restoration Program.

Courtesy of Nissan’s motorsport division NISMO and its Heritage Program, the company will offer services to restore your Nissan Skyline GT-R, regardless of age, mileage or condition. The program will go as deep as deep can get, even repairing and restructuring the bare metal the Skyline is built upon. This repair stage will restore any damage, remove any rust, and even analyze the chassis via a rig to conform with Nissan’s torsional rigidity standards for when the car first was produced, leading to a final product that literally feels brand new. The restoration of the metal concludes by respraying and re-coating the entire car to any color the owner chooses, so as long as it was a factory option available to begin with.

The restoration program continues to the engine, where the RB26DETT will be disassembled and rebuilt from the block and cylinders down to the valve springs and bolts. All nuts and bolts that need replacing will be done so, and everything will be tightened down to factory specification. NISMO will even machine parts to go back into the engine if the engineers deem it necessary. NISMO is also offering to tune the engine to perform even better than its original numbers.

Lastly, the interior will also be restored, but this part of the program will offer modern technology that would not be found in an original. As an option to meet today’s flame-resistant standards, R35 GT-R interior materials will be offered to be used instead of “new” period-correct materials. However, if this is not preferred, the owner can opt to have the original interior cleaned, reused, repaired and painted instead.

Being that the R32, for example, is now more than 30 years old, a program like this is every JDM car lover’s dream, but perhaps a bank account’s worst nightmare — the cost of the NISMO Restoration program hovers around ¥45 million JPY (approx. $430,000 USD), with the source car not included. The cost includes a metal ID plaque confirming the NISMO restoration, and a one-year/20,000km warranty.

The price may seem astronomical, but with near-mint examples of GT-Rs being auctioned off for half a million dollars, the pricing for this might actually be justified.
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