Novitec liberates 840hp from 812 GTS

"Not even an open-top super sports car can ever have enough power", says Novitec – what happens next?!

By Matt Bird / Monday, February 15, 2021 / Loading comments

The 812 GTS is a fairly significant car for Ferrari. Oh sure, in concept it seems just like the Barchettas and SuperAmericas of this world – where the roof is chopped from the V12 flagship – but the GTS is different as a series production car. For decades the drop-top V12s have been limited run specials; and although not placing a cap on GTS production is hardly going to mean one on every street corner, it should mean more than the few hundred that tend to be made. More cars means more owners, and presumably more desire to make their GTS stand out given how many will exist. Which is where Novitec might come in…

Never ones to shy away from a big task, the German tuner has set about making an 800hp, V12 Ferrari convertible even faster and even more exciting. To that end the V12 is now producing 840hp (!), thanks to Novitec's uprated exhaust with sports catalysts; given the 6.5 was already one of the loudest and best sounding engines out there, it'll be fascinating to witness just what's happened. The peak power is made at 8,750rpm (the standard car's 800 is at 8,500rpm), and maximum torque of 554lb ft (up 24lb ft from standard) is produced at 7,300 – in the regular GTS it's 7,000. Best enjoy those sorts of numbers while they're still possible in a supercar…

Of course, Novitec hasn't stopped there. The car seen here is on Novitec NF10 wheels, 275/30 R21 at the front and 335/25 ZR 22 behind, the staggered sizing there to 'emphasise the wedge shape further'; it's been lowered, too, a 35mm drop on sports springs said to further improve handling. Those worried about kerbs and speedbumps should be reassured that a front axle lift is also available.

Finally, it wouldn't be a Novitec package of options without some aero tunnel tested carbon fibre. Note the new front lip, working in conjunction with the rear spoiler to improve high speed stability. Handy given the 215mph potential. Additional bits include a "strikingly contoured carbon upgrade for the bumper", rocker panels to calm airflow along the side of the car and the carbon mirror trim. Just because everyone likes carbon mirrors, presumably.

Still, while it's easy to be cynical about modified supercars, the end result of Novitec's work is pretty stunning. Largely because it stays faithful to the look of the original, but the suspension drop and the carbon ensure it's clearly something a bit different. All of the upgrades are available now, as are the cars – there are two 812 GTSes in the classifieds now. Take your pick from silver or blue…

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