‘P101 edition’ marks end of 3 Wheeler production

… but Morgans says it's returning after a 2021 break

By Matt Bird / Thursday, November 19, 2020

Believe it or not, it's been nearly a decade since Morgan reinvented its iconic 3 Wheeler, the first concept shown at the Geneva show in 2011. With production kicking off in 2012, the little Mog has given a good innings. Well, it has by normal car standards; going off Malvern product cycles it's still a decade away a mid-life refresh.

Alas, the 3 Wheeler as we know it must go, because the S&S v-twin engine simply cannot be homologated beyond 2021. To mark the 3 Wheeler's passing, Morgan will make 33 of these P101 editions. The car is said to be "characterised by a purposeful and utilitarian aesthetic", the look paying homage to Morgan's long history on three and four wheels. So there's a tonneau cover that was first seen on the EV3, streamlined Aero-disc wheels and chunky Hella spotlights. Note as well contrasting white and black ceramic coated exhausts on each side, the exposed rivets and P101 markings.

Perhaps what will mark out these 33 3 Wheelers most, though, are the art packs. Every 101 will be Deep Black or Satin White Silver, with four liveries offered: The Belly Tank, The Dazzleship, The Aviator and The Race Car. Just in case a Morgan 3 Wheeler wasn't going to get enough attention. The car seen in the pics has the Dazzleship graphics applied, described as "the boldest of the art packs" and inspired by the camo used historically for military vehicles.

This being a limited edition, end-of-an-era Morgan, don't expect the P101 3 Wheelers to hang around long, even with a £45k starting price. However, there is some good news – this isn't the end for the 3 Wheeler entirely, merely a production hiatus. Morgan has stated clearly that the model will return, presumably from 2022 and once a suitable replacement engine has been sourced. Perhaps that EV3 concept might finally see the light of the day… Until then, anyone after the last S&S 3 Wheelers best move fast, or get browsing the classifieds – recently built cars start at just over £40k…

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