PDRM using drones to catch highway emergency lane offenders in Ops Selamat 18, roadblocks on PLUS – paultan.org

Did you travel outstation for the Hari Raya Aidilitri long weekend? If you did, it’s very likely that you encountered congestion on the highways and the odd emergency lane speedster. These motorists are undeterred by everyone’s dashcams and mobile phone cameras, brazenly cutting queue as if they’re the only ones in a hurry.

Good then that the cops now have eyes in the skies to weed out these selfish people. Those eyes are drones, and they have been deployed on the North South Highway to capture emergency lane users in the act. These videos from the PDRM’s traffic investigation and enforcement department (JSPT) and drone unit were taken near Slim River on the PLUS, northbound.

You can see a white old Nissan Sunny, silver Proton Saga, silver Proton Waja, red Proton X50, white Toyota Camry and TEKS1M Toyota Innova abusing the emergency lane, and presumably ducking back in once the drivers noticed a roadblock ahead. Little did they know that it was all captured on cameras from above. The number plates are clear as well.

JSPT deputy director Datuk Mohd Nadzri Hussain visited the Ops Selamat 18 roadblock at KM 365.8 on the PLUS on May 1 and said that although there are still motorists who misuse the emergency lane, it has been minimised because road users fear being summoned by PDRM, as well as being recorded and getting the saman later. He praised motorists for their patience in the balik kampung jam.

The DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone deployment was led by inspector Faiz and two other officers from the drone unit. Offenders were slapped with a RM300 saman at the roadblock ahead.

So, everytime you feel the temptation to cut queue and use the emergency lane during a jam, remember that there are plenty of cameras around, and they’re now in the skies as well. For those who are still enjoying the Raya holidays, drive safe on the journey home.

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