PH merch | Iconic car t-shirts!

You can now share your love of Group B legends,
Italian supercars and hot hatch icons via your chest

Want more PistonHeads merch? Want more clothing with iconic cars designs on? Well today’s your lucky day! As usual, we’ve got you covered with a fantastic new collection now for sale in our store.

These new t-shirts designs feature original motorsport artwork and illustrations from Remove Before’s Marc Carreras, and the cars featured are some of history’s greatest; we have Group B rally monsters, achingly beautiful Italian supercars, classic hot hatch legends, and much more.

So if you fancy treating yourself to one of these fantastic t-shirts, or want to buy a car-mad loved one the perfect Christmas gift, feel free to browse our shop here.

Previous story – 03.10.2019

This is PistonHeads, and the go-to answer to any car related question is usually the Mazda MX-5. Want a fun car? MX-5. Future classic status? MX-5. Need to transport the new contents of your bedroom from Ikea? MX-5, of course!

So with that in mind, and our new merchandise range going live very recently, we thought we should offer you one of the all-time PH greats on a t-shirt, hoody or mug, so that you can simply point at one of the three when someone asks you a car question – hell, any question at all, if you like…

See our new range here.

The PH shop has been more neglected than our better halves this year while we’ve been off racing in EnduroKA. But just like a big bunch of flowers, we’re trying to make amends and have some fantastic new additions to our merchandise range.

Just in time for the colder months and one you’ve been asking for a long time – hats and beanies! Now we’re set up for embroidering, we’ve added some classy polo shirts too.

Starting this week, we’re reworking some of our old favourites every week and adding some new designs to the store. It gets better yet – grab three or more tees and you’ll get them for £15 each using code TEES15 and the checkout. Shop here now. 

Any other old designs you’d like to see brought back from the vaults? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll see what we can do.

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