Pictures: Taking a brand new Mahindra Thar goes on a 1050 km road trip

The rear seat comfort isn’t too bad on the Thar, although not as comfortable as a monocoque SUV.

BHPian sinharishi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

We travelled to Bikaner from NCR and came back via Jaipur on the same day in a brand new Thar purchased by a BHPian friend. I was in the rear seat for about 300 km and it was not that bad, of course not as comfortable as those monocoque SUVs in the segment but it was surely better than expected. The trip was planned to see how comfortable or uncomfortable the Thar can be on such long drives. It did what it does best, dismissed bad roads like no other! While others kept slowing to navigate through potholes and undulations, we just kept flying!

  • Kms covered: 1,050 km
  • FE (as per MID): 15.3 km/l
  • Average speed: 80-90 km/h
  • Top speed: 110 km/h
  • Route: Dwarka-Panchgaon-Jhunjunu-Fatehpur-Bikaner-Jaipur-Dwarka

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