Plane from Langkawi to Subang crashes near Elmina –

According to posts by netizens on X (formerly known as Twitter), a plane scheduled to land at the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (also known as the Subang Airport) has crashed on a road near Seksyen U16 of the Elmina township. Emergency responders are currently at the crash site along Persiaran Elmina and roads are claimed to be closed heading to the township.

The plane is said to be a small jet flying from Langkawi to Subang Airport. It’s also claimed the plane was carrying an unknown number of passengers and the crash resulted in the loss of life of a motorcyclist that was riding along the route.

Shah Alam district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim has confirmed the incident, NST reports. We’ll update this space as more information comes in.

Kapal terbang crash dekat Elmina oi. Tempat aku selalu jogging ni mat. Semoga semuanya baik2 sahaja.

— Robot Duit. (@RobotDuit) August 17, 2023

Astagfirullah kejadian di Elmina kapal terbang terhempas, setakat ni terlibat motorsikal dan kapal terbang

— Qamahl…. (@qamahl) August 17, 2023



Elmina. Kapal terbang vs motosikal.

— ᴍʀ.ᴅ |  (@mrdcreatives) August 17, 2023

On my way to meeting Sime Darby. All road to Elmina West are closed. Private jet terhempas. 3 penumpang. Satu penunggang motor jadi mangsa
📍 Elmina West

— myD, Taiteh & Choè (@azmilwhoruns) August 17, 2023

Kapal terbang jatuh di Elmina Sungai Buloh…

— Vito (@donniehenchman) August 17, 2023

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