PLUS to monitor highways with drone tech – report

PLUS Malaysia will be deploying drones for the airborne monitoring of traffic situations on its highways for the coming festive season, Berita Harian reports. The high-technology drones outfitted with high-definition cameras will be capable of recording video footage in good quality, said PLUS chief operating officer Zakaria Ahmad Zabidi.

“We own four drones which are equipped with high-definition cameras capable of recording and transmitting video directly for live broadcast to the traffic control centre at Persada PLUS. These drones will be used in areas where congestion commonly occur, and for now have been identified to be Rawang, Slim River, Gua Tempurung and Sungai Perak,” he said.

The usage of drones is among the updates PLUS is carrying out towards improving the firm’s services rendered for the highways’ users. This is the first time PLUS is using drones for the monitoring of traffic conditions where previously it had relied on helicopter services, though PLUS continues to work with the authorities as drone operations require approval from the relevant parties, it said.

“We are looking into the use of emergency lane signals which are used by developed countries to disperse traffic congestion, along with several other methods which could help smoothen operations on highways,” Zakaria said, while also advising highway users to download the updated PLUS mobile app which now comes with live video feeds of traffic flow on its highways.

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