Porsche Confirms Taycan Cross Turismo Wagon, and It's Got a 'Gravel Roads' Driving Mode

It appears the Taycan Cross Turismo wagon is almost ready for launch, and Porsche boss Stefan Weckbach highlighted some of the features from Zuffenhausen yesterday. The announcement revealed some adjustments to give the new Taycan variant some off-road abilities: higher ground clearance, a customized suspension system, and a drive mode made to tackle gravel.

Weckbach gave us some clues about the driving experience of the all-electric wagon in a video just released by Porsche featuring a lightly-camouflaged prototype. Touting the stability and performance of the Taycan Cross Turismo, he was recorded driving the twisted roads near the town for which the Weissach axle was named without breaking a sweat. I can almost hear the collective heartbeats of Porsche fans worldwide as this one has been anticipated for quite a while. 

A fan of mountain biking, Weckbach indicates the cargo space of the Taycan Cross Turismo combined with gravel road prowess is a combination that makes sense for active lifestyles. The Cross Turismo beats the first Taycan in terms of cargo with more flexible space, and it also has roof rails where you could potentially perch luggage or a paddleboard.

The name Taycan itself translates roughly to “spirited young horse” and if the wagon is powered by the same 522-hp two-motor powerplant as the Taycan 4S, it will climb hills and take straightaways easily. In January, the Taycan beat Tesla for the fastest EV cannonball run record, so this line is no slouch. Additional body cladding forms a protective skin over the Taycan Cross Turismo for extra protection against the elements and the elevated ride height should give drivers peace of mind on rougher roads. Don’t go thinking the Cross Turismo is ready to take mudding or out to tackle hard-core off-road courses, though. This wagon is prepared for urban life with off-the-beaten-road adventures as a side dish.

This model has been teased for several years now, emerging as the Mission E Cross Turismo study at the 2015 International Motor Show. In 2018, Porsche announced the production of the series and a sharp-eyed spotter caught it lapping the Nurburgring in 2019, but few details have been announced before now. few details have been announced before now. More than 20,000 units of the Taycan have been sold in its first year so far and there’s no doubt in my mind the Cross Turismo version will do quite well, especially considering the cult following for wagons.

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