Porsche + Puma = Pumped Up Kicks

Porsche Design and Puma have collaborated to create a series of sneakers inspired by the legendary 911 Turbo. And next Tuesday you’ll have exactly 2.7 seconds to snag one of the first pairs of these special shoes. On 11/17 at noon, buyers will have exactly 2.7 seconds to click on a pair to buy.

Why such a short time? Well, that’s how long it takes the 911 Turbo to go from 0 to 60. So get your mouse-finger ready if you want to be one of the first people to order these pumped-up kicks.

According to the fine print, these limited-edition shoes are part of their “Icons of Fast” collection. The eight designs are a “limited-edition collection of shoes inspired by the 911 Turbo. Popular period-specific paint colors. The iconic rear wing. Lightbars, interiors, and body lines. All used as inspiration to create a collection of shoes as quick, fast, and captivating as the 911 Turbo itself.”

Want to see the designs before you buy? Sorry; all Porsche and Puma have shown are some blurred images. You’ll have to wait until ’til Tuesday to see all their details, but we can see some interesting colors borrowed right from Porsches present and past. What we don’t see are any whale tail spoilers. Sad.

We almost forgot to mention each pair comes with a limited-edition poster inspired by the collection. Bonus!

So set a reminder for this presale event so you’re ready to buy. More information is on Porsche Design’s web page.

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