Positive service experience with my Tata Safari: 6000 km in 6 months

Being just the 2nd service, got the car back on the same day.

BHPian Rshreyansh recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share a recent positive experience with the Tata ASC here in Patna.

My Safari is October 2021 make – XTA+ variant. The car has clocked around 6000 km on the odometer, hence was due for its second service. Booked the service for 12/04/22 through a call with ASC.

After reaching the service centre, an SA was appointed to me. Courteous guy but more focused on getting the Underbody anti-rust coating done on my car instead of listening to me. One issue plaguing my car since Day 1 was a grinding noise from the front brakes which was heard at crawling speeds (to be exact- when you lift your foot from the brake pedal and the car starts creeping forward or backward). Reported it to the SA and got the usual affirmation that it will be checked (reported it in the first service too, but the problem still persisted).

Oil change was to be performed in the third service so the car was ready by evening. Reached the service centre in the evening, SA asked me to check the car if the problem was still there and to my agony it was. He called the technician, who said it’s normal, I disagreed and told the SA that I would like to raise a complaint with Tata(not knowing how helpful would that be after reading so much about it in our forum). After this, he had a talk with the Service Manager who acknowledged that it was not normal and requested me to not register a complaint and made a video of the noise and said to me that he will send it to the Area Service Head and proceed accordingly. I went home and received a call from the ASC yesterday that Tata has asked them to replace the front brake pads on my car, they do not have it in stock and told me to bring the car in after 5-6 days. So for now, I’m waiting for the brake pads to be replaced, will update you when it happens.

Overall a positive experience. Planning to write a comprehensive Initial Ownership review soon.

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