Puspakom appointments can now be rescheduled – paultan.org

How many here have “burned” their Puspakom appointments before due to unforeseen circumstances? I see quite a number of hands. Well, that’s now a thing of the past as online appointments for inspection can now be rescheduled. Yes, since July 1, you can change your slot without forfeiting it.

“We understand the difficulty that customers face when they can’t show up for their appointment for reasons that cannot be avoided. We hope that this helps ease the process of preparing your vehicle for inspection,” Puspakom says.

Rescheduling can be done one day before the appointment date. Here’s how. Log in to your MyPuspakom account online and click on My Reservation. Then find and click on the appointment that you wish to reschedule, and then your vehicle registration number. Then click Reschedule and choose your new Puspakom branch and new date. You’re done.

A pop-up with the notice “Reservation has been rescheduled successfully. New confirmation slip has been sent to your email” will appear. Remember to use your new booking confirmation slip for your new slot. Note that each appointment can only be rescheduled once. This is very useful – good move, Puspakom.

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