Skoda Octavia 1.8 TSI Elegance: Ownership update at 1.85 lakh kms

I do feel that the interior is starting to show its age, but heck its been 8.5 years. And for that, the interior looks much better than some 3-4 year old cars in my circle.

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Update: ODO at 184956 kms.

In a surprising turn of events, the AC decided to resurrect itself . Cooling is not bone chilling but adequate and car is now usable. I will pen down a few things worth mentioning till now on the car, but as I am using it lesser and lesser, with the Kodiaq already racking up the miles, I don’t think I will be keeping the Octy for long.

I am seriously considering putting it up on the classifieds. But this thread itself is a history book of the car in itself, and I cannot mention anything unique on the classifieds except that it has almost new tyres! If anyone is interested, do let me know over PM and I will surely put it up on the classifieds.


It is in perfect shape. I have regularly replaced spark plugs at 30K kms, hence it still returns me a healthy 16 kmpl on the highways. Oil change services were done at 10K-12K intervals instead of regular 15K kms. Always used dealer-supplied engine oil, barring one or two times when I used Motul but the service itself was carried out at the dealership. The mounts are new hence zero vibrations, even lesser than my Kodiaq. The car has a bad habit of sipping oil, hence a 1 litre oil bottle in the boot is complimentary from my side. There is a new fuel pump in the car too.


It is still one of the fastest boxes I have ever experienced in this segment, the shifts are still smooth, no weird noises, no jerks, have installed a new transmission mount as well hence there are no vibrations and movements. Given the mileage, it is safe to assume one would need to do a clutch pack overhaul sometime down the line, but it is easily doable at third-party performance stores that source original Luk clutch and flywheels. I had also changed the mechatronic oil sometime back.

Cooling system:

As the thread is pretty much a service book, the issues with the cooling system were sorted timely and in the best way possible where most parts were replaced including the coolant tank, hoses, water pump, thermostat, oil cooler, etc. The Radiator and radiator fan are the most recent replacements and with that, the cooling system is as good as new! Still, a complimentary bottle of G12 EVO coolant is in the boot.


I have pro-actively changed the front shock absorbers at 1 lakh kms, all the mounts and bushes that go in the suspension components have been replaced at least once, some twice. Suspension is in top-notch condition. It is only aided by the brilliant Yokohama BluEarth GT AE51 tyres. These tyres have only been driven for around 15K kms and only one year old. So have a lot of life left in them. All the BBS rims are damage free and still look dope. The only mod I have done to my car.


I do feel that the interior is starting to show its age, but heck its been 8.5 years. And for that, the interior looks much better than some 3-4 year old cars in my circle. The sole reason is I have never let anyone else clean the interior, its always done by me with the best of products and attention to detail. Electric seats, sunroof, lights, infotainment, and steering controls all work without any niggles. No rattles to speak of, besides the sunroof which is a common trait of the design of the sunroof. A quick open / close of the sunroof fixes the rattle for a few hours.


All of the body still has all its original panels. Yes, there have been a few nicks and scuffs here and there but I have always gotten it painted and corrected at the dealership. This would all be visible in the service history. The windshield is also original! Shocking for the mileage racked up.

The drive:

Oh the drive! it still drives so tight, nimble, fast, agile, exhilarating, any other adjectives I could use? I just love the way it drives and puts a smile on my face. Everyday.

Until next time, or till I bid adieu to the legend.

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