Skoda Slavia 1.0 TSI AT: Observations after a couple of road trips

The car was put to test on all kinds of terrains – highways, ghats (uphill & down), gravel roads, kacha roads, muddy roads – thanks to the rains on the Nilgiris.

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Hi BHPians,

I am here to share my driving experiences with our brand new Skoda Slavia. We booked the Style AT 1.0 TSI for my wife on Women’s Day – 8th Mar’22, and the car was delivered to us on 25th Mar’22.

We had to compromise on the colour for a quick delivery, got white instead of red. The same day after a puja at the temple, we were off for a 10 day long road trip starting from Hyderabad. We were 5 adults with a kid for the trip.

Our travel route was Hyderabad-Bengaluru-Coimbatore-Ooty-Mysore-Bengaluru-Hyderabad. The car was put to test on all kinds of terrains – highways, ghats (uphill & down), gravel roads, kacha roads, muddy roads – thanks to the rains on the Nilgiris. They offered the much needed break for us from the raising mercury levels in Hyderabad.

A week after returning from the KA & KL trip, we took off on another long drive on the following Easter weekend. This time it was a religious trip to Maharastra. The travel route was Hyderabad-Aurangabad-Shiridi-Kolhapur-Solapur-Hyderabad. The roads on offer were nothing great, except for the new highway connecting Kolhapur & Solapur, all other roads were typical Indian roads.

Let me establish the fact that I have been an MSL cars user thus far. Had a Baleno diesel in 2016, bought an Alto K10 AMT for my wife in 2018, exchanged the Baleno for a Brezza AT diesel in 2019, exchanged the Alto for a Slavia and continue to use the Brezza for my daily office commute in Hyderabad. Most of you might have already guessed that I would have experienced a world of change, no denying that fact, yes I did. I was blown away by the sheer comfort and confidence the car offered while driving.

Now coming to my observations:

  • The inside of the Slavia felt a lot quieter – the engine noise and the outside traffic noises were barely audible when I jacked up the music volume to 15.
  • The infotainment system on offer in the Slavia felt a lot premium compared to the ones in MSL cars.
  • The cruise control option was game changing and provided that additional comfort while on the highways.
  • However the auto climate control and AC vents at the rear weren’t great and the rear part of the cabin felt a tab bit hotter and thus uncomfortable sitting for long durations.
  • The braking response and the lane assist systems on the car work perfectly in tandem and ensure the passengers feel no major jerks even if the brakes are floored suddenly – slowing down effortlessly in the same lane.
  • The suspension and the feedback I used to get on the steering were quite confidence inducing and never made me feel worried even on gravel & kacha roads with sizeable pot holes.
  • My driving speeds varied from 80 kmph to 100 kmph, the car returned on an average 12-13 kmpl mileage for both the trips. With disciplined driving in the city with less traffic, it should return better number I believe.

All said and done, I am having a lot fun and enjoying driving the Slavia.

Now that we have two cars in the parking – Brezza & Slavia, My daughter says lets take the Soda (instead of Skoda) out today.

Thanks for your time.


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