Strange fogging issue in my Renault Kiger is hampering visibility

So far, no action has been taken by the Renault service centre. I’ve got no choice but to escalate the matter to the CRM department.

BHPian AMKAM recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I purchased a new Renault Kiger RXZ CVT and took the delivery on 27 Mar 2022. From the very first day, I’m experiencing a peculiar fogging issue on the front windshield. This fogging happens only in the mornings (before 8 am) and late evening (post 7 pm).

The fog patch is located directly above the front windshield defogger vents and the shape of the fog path confirms the same. This is turning out to be a major dampener for our new car enthusiasm and can also hamper the visibility, particularly towards the left front corner of the car.

The Renault dealership has been absolutely dismal in terms of responding to the messages sent by me to the SA. In fact, after the delivery, the SA doesn’t answer my calls most of the time. On the rare occasions that he answered, all he could say was that he would get the service department to get in touch with me. But there’s been no action from the service team either. I’m planning to also escalate this to the Renault CRM department, in reply to their ‘Welcome to Renault’ emails.

Surprisingly, this issue has not been reported on any forum. Usually, before buying any car, I browse Teambhp / YouTube / Google search for problems reported by users of that car, but this issue seems to be unique only to me.

Meanwhile, I’m now planning to seal off the defogging vents using foam + duct tape, and then observe the situation for a few days.

Any other suggestions would be more than welcome.

I’m posting some photos, including a photo with the settings of the AC controls.

Here’s what BHPian SYSTEMIZED had to say about the matter:

I didn’t face the exact problem but instead, the whole windshield got covered with fog in my Kiger (mainly rainy season). The solution I found is to defog the windshield manually at full high temperature. Do try this!

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