Tata service centre accepts its mistake & solves the issue in my Altroz

The service manager apologized for the carelessness on their part and did a diligent job of rectifying the problem.

BHPian PrasannaDhana recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Well, I was in for a shock the next day when I started the car and started to move, the steering automatically turned right. I thought it must be a flat tyre, but it wasn’t the case.

Then I took it up with Kaveri Tata. Apparently, the steering column had to be removed for the AC actuator motor replacement. While reinstallation, the steering angle calibration had not been done properly.

The service manager apologized for the carelessness on their part and promised to rectify it ASAP. I left the car at the dealer in the morning and got a call stating the work has been completed at 4 pm. I went and did a thorough test ride. One advantage in Altroz top trim is that it shows if the tyres are aligned, in the MID during start-up. When the issue cropped up, the tyres would be aligned but the MID would show unaligned graphics, either to the left or right. Now it is back to normal.

The steering height adjustment has also been rectified.

Phew! All is well that ends well! I was frustrated, to say the least. I did loop in the dealer GM after I left the car for rectification. Though the work has been done 100% effectively now, it should have been done this way the first time around.

As the widespread opinion goes, Tata A.S.S definitely need to up the game. I am just glad Kaveri at least owned up to their carelessness and did a diligent job of correcting the mistake.

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