Tesla launches Model S Plaid Track Pack

200mph potential of 1,020hp Tesla finally unlocked – watch out, world

By Matt Bird / Friday, 5 May 2023 / Loading comments

The 200mph Model S has been a little while coming, which is situation normal in Tesla world. First, the Plaid and its double-ton potential were announced back in 2020 when those prototypes were lapping the Nordschleife; the lap record there followed a few months later, now taken by Porsche. A 175mph update was launched last year alongside a Track Mode as we waited for Tesla to get better brakes to contain an enormous EV that could do almost 3.5 miles a minute. Now it’s here: a Model S Track Package means the 200mph, road-going EV is now a reality. Yikes.

It’s a cool spec, no doubt (pictured below in blue) Tesla promising ‘the ultimate track experience’ from new (and quite smart) 20-inch Zero-G forged wheels, Goodyear Supercar 3R tyres and, of course, the substantially upgraded ceramic brake kit, seen here on the blue car. Both axles get huge 410mm carbon-silicon carbide discs (the fronts a little thicker than the rears), with track-sped fluid and six-piston calipers up front. Once buyers have the brakes, the 200mph possibility is opened up; they are available as a standalone option separate to the Track Pack, though Tesla advises that customers fit ‘proper wheels and tyres for those speeds’. You don’t say.

All this can be fitted to any Model S Plaid produced from 2021 onwards, the Track Pack on sale from June in the US and priced at $20,000. There isn’t a UK price or availability just yet, but it’d be a surprise if we aren’t far behind. Especially as it might spur Porsche into offering the Tequipment performance package that made the Taycan Turbo S a record breaker to markets other than Germany. And that’s a track battle we’d all like to see…

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