The £140k BMW M5 CS Has 626bhp And A Power Bulge

BMW - The £140k BMW M5 CS Has 626bhp And A Power Bulge - News

The ultimate F90 BMW M5 just landed, and it comes with some astonishing numbers attached. How does 0-62mph in three seconds dead sound? Or 0-124mph in 10.4? The top speed of this new ‘M5 CS’ is electronically-limited to 189mph, meanwhile, but without the artificial buffers, it’d no doubt embarrass the odd supercar.

The ballistic performance is made possible via a 70kg drop in weight, coupled with an uplift in power from BMW‘s 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8. Bulk has been shed using a variety of measures including the use of a carbon fibre reinforced-plastic boot, bonnet and diffuser plus the standard fitting of the normally optional carbon ceramic brakes. The latter element makes up 26kg of the weight savings on its own.

BMW - The £140k BMW M5 CS Has 626bhp And A Power Bulge - News

The V8 gets a boost of 10bhp relative to the Competition, which is enough to make the M5 CS BMW’s most powerful M car ever. The engine has a fancy new carbon fibre cover, plus improved lubrication and cooling systems. The CFRP bonnet that conceals this weapons-grade unit features a new power bulge – a completely unnecessary detail we’re totally on board with.

Along with the new bonnet, a front splitter pinched from the M8 Competition, a new carbon rear spoiler and 20-inch Y-spoke forged wheels distinguish the car from a normal M5. Wrapping the latter part of the equation are 275/35 front/ 285/35 rear Pirelli P Zero Corsas.

BMW - The £140k BMW M5 CS Has 626bhp And A Power Bulge - News

Like the recently facelifted M5 Competition, the CS gets a set of dampers developed using lessons learned from the M8. Here, though, the chassis sits 7mm lower on retuned springs.

Inside the super saloon, there are CS-specific carbon fibre seats with the Nurburgring layout printed on the integrated headrests (possibly a bit much) and light-up M5 badges (definitely a bit much). There’s also an Alcantara-trimmed steering wheel, and a liberal spreading of CS logos. Unlike the M3/M4 CS, you do still get an armrest.

BMW - The £140k BMW M5 CS Has 626bhp And A Power Bulge - News

Along with all the extra go-faster bits, it looks as though BMW has thrown the kitchen sink at the M5 CS in terms of standard-fit gear, meaning the options list should be slim. This also means the starting price is a hefty one: it’s £140,780 on the road, making it about £40,000 more than an M5 Competition.

UK deliveries begin in spring 2021.

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