The Ford Maverick Is Spied on the Assembly Line

There’s a lot of speculation surrounding the upcoming Ford Maverick, as you’d expect with any new addition to an automaker’s product lineup. Well, some of that speculation might be laid to rest thanks to a spy shot posted to the Maverick Truck Club forum. While we know that Ford has committed to a compact pickup, and we’ve seen the Maverick name pop up in at least one Ford product sheet, we haven’t had a chance to see this much of the upcoming pickup.

Of course, as we said with the early Bronco leaks, you can never be too certain that this is the real McCoy. The camouflage can be hiding other panels that further obstruct the truck’s shape. However, we can see that this is a new Ford truck on a production line, reportedly the factory in Hermosillo, Mexico.

It’s speculated that the new Maverick will share a platform with the Ford Bronco Sport. That suggests that you could see this pickup offered in front-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive models. We expect that the powertrains are also carried over from the Bronco Sport. Obviously, we will learn more about the upcoming Maverick pickup as more concrete details make their way to the public.

With pickups only growing in size, it does make sense for Ford to try to appease the growing number of former minitruck loyalists. Of course, that also means it will likely compete directly with Honda’s Ridgeline, which isn’t exactly setting the sales figures ablaze. It will be interesting to see if this Ford-badged pickup can gain traction in a slow-moving segment.

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