‘The History of Ultima’ documentary now live

Working from home today? Have an hour spare? Want to know everything about Ultima? Right this way…

By Matt Bird / Friday, April 1, 2022 / Loading comments

We like Ultima at PH, right? Like so many legendary British sports cars, Ultimas have always punched above their weight, combining incredible performance with a price that has consistently undercut better-known (and less powerful) exotica. They’re light, they’re powerful, they look like nothing else and those that way inclined can even build one themselves. Yes, we like an Ultima.

So this is right up our street. The History of Ultima documentary has been created by Ultima Sports, with input throughout from CEO Richard Marlow. And this is no mere skip through 40 or so years of Ultima history – oh no. Over 60 minutes of interviews, great period footage and in-depth narration, The History of Ultima covers every era of the brand, from the early days with Lee Noble at the helm – Richard Marlow’s father, Ted, was the first customer of an Ultima from Noble – right up to the present day and the current state of the company.

Now, of course, we’re not going to spoil the fun of watching this by telling you every detail, but even the most ardent Ultima fan will have something to learn from this video. It might just be the story of racing Granada V6 tow cars back in the day, but there’ll be something. The YouTube description splits up an hour or so into chapters, too, so if there’s a particular era of the company’s history that most appeals – perhaps when your car was built – then that’s possible if the full hour isn’t watchable yet.

Even those with just a casual interest in the brand will find plenty to like here, though, because nothing quite kicks off a Friday like lightweight British sports cars with honking great V8s. Especially wheel-spinning, brake-locking V8 sports cars. And if the video does get you in the mood for an Ultima (it won’t take long, trust us), then look what’s lurking in the classifieds…

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