The Mk8 VW Golf GTI Has Been Leaked And It Has A Big Rear Spoiler

The Mk8 VW Golf GTI isn’t supposed to be revealed until the Geneva Motor Show in March, but as ever, the Internet is here to cater for impatient folk. An image showing a completely undisguised example of VW‘s latest hot hatch has been posted on Instagram, giving us a cheeky preview.

The big surprise? It’s packing a huge rear spoiler, reminiscent of the part fitted to the GTI Clubsport and TCR. The wheels look to be an entry-level 18-inch option, which matches the rims seen in recent Golf 8 GTI spy shots, save for a fancy two-tone finish. If you aren’t keen, don’t panic – there’ll be a multitude of different wheels available including super-spangly 19s.

Spy shots released late last year showed a car wearing similar wheels to the VW Golf 8 GTI in the new leaked image

Power will, once again, come from VW Group’s EA888 inline-four turbo engine, although there’ll be more go this time. With the already revealed Golf GTE making 242bhp, we’d expect the standard GTI to develop at least that figure, with a further bump for the GTI Performance. VW has already confirmed a GTI TCR, which should churn out almost 300bhp. At the top of the fast Golf tree will, once again, be the R, although, for the first time, it’ll reportedly be joined by an even pokier ‘Golf R Plus’.

Along with the EA888 ‘TSI’ 2.0-litre engine, the gearbox options will remain the same. The outgoing GTI’s seven-speed ‘DSG’ dual-clutch transmission was developed fairly late in its life, so that should be carried over largely unaltered. There will be a six-speed manual too, although it’s unclear if this will be lifted from the old car or if the new stick shift VW has developed for the rest of the range will be utilised.

The Mk7.5 Golf GTI TCR will be getting a successor, but not one with three doors...

After the anticipated Geneva reveal, the GTI should be launched to media not long after, before arriving in the UK around Autumn. Prices will start around £28,000 – £30,000.

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