This Home-Brew VW Golf Mk2 Is a Nurburgring Slayer

There are many folks in the car community that appreciate a home-built, well-used, mega track car just as much anything new from Ferrari, Lamborghini or McLaren. Take this Golf, for instance. Owner “Nige” has slowly improved, rebuilt or fixed everything that was slowing him down. And this isn’t a GTI either, it’s a Golf CL, just one rung from the base model.

As we see in the video he’s done bodywork, engine work, aero work, suspension work and brake work. The front discs might be the biggest on any Golf, anywhere in the world. The rears? Stock.

Nige and host Misha give the car a 10-minute walkaround before heading out onto the ‘Ring’s 13 miles and 100-some turns. He keeps the lead Porsche in his sight the whole time, and passes a few others.

It reminds us of the home-brew Empire Hill Climb cars, and the GridLife time attackers. Say what you will, these guys and girls might be the most enthusiastic of all.

Nige is good. Be like Nige.

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