Toyota ‘Grand Highlander’ Trademark Might Mean Big Things … Literally

According to Merriam-Webster, the word “grand” is defined as “having more importance than others” or as “large and striking in size.” Toyota’s trademark filing for “Grand Highlander” signals the possible arrival of a new Toyota Highlander variant that fits both definitions.

During our SUV of the Year testing, we took issue with the space offered to occupants of the Highlander’s third-row seats. Despite being a big, three-row SUV, the Highlander’s rearmost row wasn’t capacious enough to satisfy our judges—nor is it likely to meet the needs of many American families. Luckily, it seems Toyota has a solution on the way in the shape of the Grand Highlander.

The Grand Highlander will likely share its TNGA-K underpinnings with the run-of-the-mill Highlander, however, the upcoming model may sport an elongated wheelbase and/or a redesigned rear end that aims to add more cargo and third-row seating space (not unlike the Lexus RX L). Such a change should allow Toyota to move the Highlander’s third-row bench further back, which in turn ought to improve legroom.

Assuming the Grand Highlander comes to fruition, we anticipate the new model will wear a sticker price a few thousand dollars greater than that of the regular Highlander, which currently starts at $35,985. We reached out to Toyota about its Grand Highlander trademark, however, a company spokesperson informed us they were unable to “provide details on future products.”

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