Trucking hell – there’s now a Munro Mk_1 Pick-Up

Scottish EV startup was already preoccupied with seeming outdoorsy – now it's gone the whole hog

By Matt Bird / Friday, 19 May 2023 / Loading comments

Scottish EV startup Munro has revealed a truck variant of its Mk_1 SUV at the Fully Charged Live North show in Harrogate. It picks up (sorry) where the SUV left off, boasting the same 82.4kWh battery, 100kW charging capability and 516lb ft of torque peak. Definitely still looks familiar, too.

Even more than the SUV, this feels like the Munro for the great outdoors, with a 1,050kg payload and 3,500kg maximum braked towing capacity. Obviously, the near-200-mile range is going to take a hit if you start loading up the Mk_1 with Euro pallets, but the very fact the Munro can do that with zero tailpipe emissions is the USP for the moment. It envisages the truck taking on ‘effortless haulage of any cargo from farm implements and livestock to construction and disaster relief equipment.’ The Mk_1 probably still be more than swift enough with weight onboard, given a best-case scenario 0-62mph time of 4.9 seconds is claimed. This yellow truck is a Performance version, with Utility and Range also offered. It isn’t clear yet exactly what they offer, though it’d be easy to imagine turning down the performance for more miles or maybe an even more rugged overhaul.

Munro claims that there’s already plenty of interest in the pick-up, which must be good news for the first ‘light vehicle’ on four wheels produced in Scotland for 40 years and with so many British bits in it. “Priced from £49,995 Ex VAT with deliveries commencing later this year, we have already secured more than 200 orders for the Mk_1 Pick-Up, three of which have come from FTSE 100 companies and ten from FTSE 250 companies” said Munro CEO and co-founder Russell Peterson. “With a full two-year order book for both the Mk_1 Pick-Up and the Mk_1 Truck, Munro is having to expedite its search for larger premises to meet customer demand.” Always nice to hear some good news from a British firm, though the release later suggests that 200-plus pre-orders are for both models rather than just the pick-up.

Anyway, it seems like things are moving in the right direction for Munro, and there certainly won’t be any missing a Mk_1 wherever it’s seen after those deliveries kick-off. We’ll endeavour to get a drive as soon as possible.

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