Tuner Cranks The Ford Focus RS Up To 513bhp

Ford - Tuner Cranks The Ford Focus RS Up To 513bhp - News

Ford may be finished building the third-generation Focus RS, but the car’s story is far from over in the aftermarket world. Mountune, for instance, has launched two new tuning packs for the all-wheel drive hot hatch.

The first of the Essex-based company’s pair of options is called ‘m450’, which centres around a BorgWarner EFR-6758. It’s a ceramic ball bearing turbo, which means it should be nicely responsive and not bring with it big dollops of turbo lag.

Along with the EFR, m450 also includes a cast turbo adapter, a freer-flowing catalytic converter and downpipe, and a compressor outlet/inlet elbow made of five-ply silicone. With all that fitted – something MounTune will do for you – your RS will be good for 444bhp and 428lb ft. If you’ve ordered a new Mercedes-AMG A45, it’s time to be afraid.

The standard Focus RS is hardly lacking in the firepower department, but if you want more go, Mountune has a few options

For anyone wishing to go beyond those figures, there’s the m520 package to consider. Much of the m450’s parts are retained, but the turbocharger is switched to a BorgWarner EFR-7163 unit. You also get an upgraded fuel pump from Xtreme-DI and an uprated valvetrain including revised camshafts.

Have all that fitted, and you really will have a hot hatch to be reckoned with. Working together with a recalibrated ECU, the changes see the 2.3-litre inline-four’s power leap to 513bhp, and the torque balloon to 516lb ft.

Interested? The m450 pack is £2950, while the m520 is £5,974.99. You will need to strengthen the 2.3-litre Ecoboost engine’s internals before fitting either, Mountune says.

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