UK: Mercedes cars have a sensor to track real time location

According to a media report, new and used Mercedes cars sold by dealers are fitted with a secret sensor that gives the exact location of the car when required.

The report suggests that the company has sold more than 1,70,000 new and used cars in Britain last year. The company claims that the sensors are used only under certain extreme circumstances. They can be used when car finance customers default on their payments so that they can be tracked down.

While real-time data is not shared, details are shared with third-party companies and recovery firms to repossess cars. It is not clear when Mercedes started using this sensor.

According to EU laws, tracking of vehicles without the driver’s knowledge is illegal. But vehicle owners who buy cars on finance sign terms and conditions with a clause related to the activation of the location sensors. It is said that around 80% of new Mercedes cars sold are on finance plans.

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