Volkswagen Moves Into Carbon Neutral Data Center

Volkswagen has just opened a new data centre to help the company perform vehicle development. The centre, located in Norway, will be 100 percent powered by green energy making it carbon neutral.

The new facility was built in partnership with Norway’s Green Mountain. It’s located about 100 miles west of Oslo, in Rjukan. The site will be Volkswagen Group’s second carbon neutral data center, joining one in Iceland.

Together, the two will save more than 11,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Volkswagen plans to use the computing power to help with the development of VW and Audi brand vehicles. That means simulations for crash testing as well as virtual wind tunnel testing. Processes where the time for the calculation isn’t critical, but the extensive computations are extremely complex, generally requiring great amounts of energy.

The centre isn’t located in the north just for the availability of hydroelectric power, but also because much of the energy use required by a data centre is in cooling the computers. And where better to do that than the near Arctic.

We are very proud of the confidence the Volkswagen Group has in us,” says Tor Kristian Gyland, CEO of Green Mountain. “We are confident in our strategy of operating flexible and top quality computing capacities using only renewable energies.”

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