Volkswagen Taigun 1.0 TSI MT: Observations after 40 days & 3000 kms

The turbo, gosh, let it kick in, and the car isn’t just a Taigun anymore, it’s like a therapy for me.

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3,000 kilometres / 40 days update:

Managed to clock 3,000 kms (in close to 40 days) in my Taigun 1.0 Highline MT. The car has completed it’s run-in period very well, I have managed to drive it on almost all sorts of conditions and therefore, here are my observations / experiences so far:

  • I love the way it handles on high speeds. I have done close to 120 / 140 kmph and it did not feel like it.
  • This engine is a dream.I know it feels better in the Vento and the Polo. (A friend owns 1.0 TSI AT Polo and have driven it). I think it does a good job on the Taigun as well, especially in the manual guise. (I have also driven a friend’s 1.0 TSI AT Kushaq).It picks up pace without letting anyone know / feel – it’s the beep at 80 kmph which reminds me to slow down. The turbo, gosh, let it kick in, and the car isn’t just a Taigun anymore, it’s like a therapy for me.
  • Torque and clutch? The clutch is not that light but it’s manageable. Half-way through releasing the clutch, the revs automatically go up to around 1,100 rpm to prevent stalling. Moreover, we usually park all our cars inside in the driveway – and to get into the gate, the ramp is quite inclined. While reversing into the driveway, this car just requires clutch and no accelerator input, the revs automatically go up to 1,300-1,400 rpm and help it climb up. (Just to mention, our Innova Crysta 2.7 AT has it’s wheels skidding / slipping like crazy if there’s no momentum or if we stop it midway on the ramp).
  • Brakes are very good. The ABS kicks in at a good time whenever needed. Have panic / harshly braked like two times and they’re quite confidence inspiring. (One time a friend was following in his car, and he saw the brake lights blink – one of the safety features).
  • The car hates small / immediate potholes and it feels like a crime when that ‘thudd’ is heard. Otherwise, the road noise + drive on bad roads is fair. (The tyre noise on this one is less than on my Corolla Altis 1.8 2019).
  • While people call it outdated, I love the feeling of having a proper ignition + key fob combo. (No Push button start is what I mean) After 3 years, this just feels so old school and great! I hate technology sometimes.
  • Plastic quality is definitely not great, but it feels okay. The gear lever creaking sound to which VW guys also admitted that it is a problem in all cars, hasn’t been fixed yet.
  • The car feels solid and a lot of people still turn to see it. (Looks like a mini Tiguan.) Recently, a silly Toyota Fortuner driver suddenly decided to move his car forward while my dad was reversing the Taigun out of a parking lot, we just got a mini inside bump on the bumper, and the towing hook cover – next to the reflector popped out, which we clipped back. The 2012 Fortuner’s bumper popped out. I feel sad about it, we have two Toyotas, love them.
  • The audio quality is amazing. I love every bit of it. Yes at some points, I feel it could be better but also think, tweaking the equaliser a little should do the job. Also, I don’t know if it’s the sun + heat or it’s the screen which heats up. I also wish the Traction Control button was a physical button – probably should have been placed next to the Hazard lights button.
  • The analogue speedometer feels amazing, it’s a delight to watch the needles work. Also, love the fact that the speedometer lights dim whenever the car thinks / detects it’s dark outside (to remind you to turn on headlights). Note: The car doesn’t come with Automatic headlights. Also, the screen provides sufficient information and is quite customisable – like driving data, mobile phone data, and the song playing (and volume bar too).
  • The halogen headlights work brilliantly well (and so does the cornering function). Better than the halogens of both – the Kia Seltos and the Honda City 2020 5th gen.
  • I miss the power-folding ORVMs, VW guys have no clue when there will be a proper accessory or a fitment kit for it.
  • VW OEM leatherette seat covers are great! Amazing fitting and they feel factory fitted. Whereas, Kia and Honda OEM seat covers definitely give a feel that they were installed like 5 years after the car was bought.
  • The lighting and the whole setup (dashboard, interior colour, door handle illumination) feels premium, when you combine it with a VW logo and the performance, it just feels a segment above.
  • There are no rattles, except for one. The driver’s door – It only comes in light when there is a lot of bass coming out of the speakers or when the car is on an incline / uneven surface. It’s not even prominent.
  • The AC issue. Yes, it’s an issue indeed. There is a whole thread going on about it. Link (Volkswagen Taigun : Ineffective air-conditioning) At this point, it’s better to just keep waiting for a solution, and learn to live with it. As the car completed the run-in period, the behaviour surely changed, and now it’s not throwing warm air as much, but there’s still quite of it. Especially in slow moving traffic, but only when observed. I practice all habits like – Rolling windows down and letting the hot air exit (moreover, my parking is covered), making sure recirculation is turned on.
  • Fuel efficiency (I use normal / unleaded petrol, all figures as per the car’s system and with AC on at all times, 35% Highway + 65% city conditions).

Note: COCO here is referring to Company Owner Company Operated Fuel Pump.

  • Topped up from COCO. Minimum/Maximum: ~12.3 / ~15.6 kmpl.
  • Topped up from non – COCO. Minimum/Maximum: ~10.3 / ~12.9 kmpl.

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