Vossen Wheels Go Matte Black for the Land Rover Defender

Premium wheel maker Vossen Wheels has now given the Land Rover Defender a matte black makeover to match the brand’s classic Hybrid Forged HF-2 wheels.

Giving the off-roader a stealthy look, the Miami-based company has wrapped the entire exterior in a matte black layer to complement its new set of 20-inch wheels, with other dark embellishments including the front grille and new tinted windows. The wheels themselves are made using Vossen’s own Hybrid Forged process, which employs hydraulic rollers to stretch out the wheel by putting pressure on the barrel. The manufacturing method gives the end product a satin finish while increasing the grain structure of the aluminium itself. Finishing off the set are 20-inch Goodyear all terrain tires to boost off-roading performance.

There’s no word on whether the vehicle will be for sale or how much it would set you back, but you can learn more about it over on Vossen Wheels’ website.

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